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This was still before I was born hence the title, "Waiting...". Mom talks about what she's planning on for names, talks about more friends of hers who are having babies and gives an excerpt of a poem from "The Prophet" about being a parent. It's one of those things that she stuck to throughout the years too. A very good description of what kind of parent she was and what her view was of being a mother. She talks about a lot of other stuff too, she wrote a lot for two and a half weeks! Give the episode a listen by either downloading it, playing it below or subscribing to it in iTunes. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the beginning of something big! In this episode we talk about our Mom, Kendra, and about what the journal means to us. We also explain why we're doing this podcast and what you can expect over the next year. We say "Thank You" to all the people who have helped make this podcast possible through donations on their Indiegogo Page and moral support. If you'd like to listen to the podcast right here on your computer just click the play button below. You can also subscribe to our podcast with your favorite feed catcher or through iTunes.

Dates covered:

October 19, 1974 - October 21, 1974

Mom starts her journal and talks about why she's doing it. She does a lot of speculation, mostly as to what her new baby will be like and how she'll be as a mother. She also talks a little bit about how her and Dan got together. She also give some insight into what type of parent she'll become through a poem she copied from one of her favorite books.

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