The Kendra's Journal Podcast

November 18, 1975 - January 26, 1976

In this episode Phillip starts walking, has his first birthday and Mat is born! Mom also shares some pictures of her other "babies" and she keeps listening to John Denver. She wrote a lot for such a short span of time so there's plenty to listen to. If you're playing the drinking game there are few places to take advantage of in this one as well. Enjoy!

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August 27, 1975 - November 10, 1975

In this episode we've moved to Oklahoma and are enjoying life as an Army family. Also, Mat is still on the way and mom does some speculation about whether he'll be a boy or girl or maybe even twin! In commenting on this part of the journal Phillip suggests a drinking game based on everytime mom mentions dealing with a crappy diaper. Feel free to add your own rules. Enjoy!

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Dates Covered:

December 8, 1974 - August 17, 1975

A lot of stuff happened in this part of the journal. Mom got settled into being a new parent and they sold the trailer. Because of that we moved in with Grandma and Grandpa Cornwell and then dad joined the Army. That led to us moving to Oklahoma. Oh, and we found out Mat was on the way! A lot more happened to so listen in as we share more of mom's journal.

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November 9, 1974 - December 6, 1974

In this episode Mom starts pregnant but ends up with her first baby!

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