The Kendra's Journal Podcast

October 9, 1977 - November 4, 1977

We start this episode talking about the Doobie Brothers/Pablo Cruise concert in Pullman, WA in 1977. Then the Yankees beat the Dodgers in the World Series and Mat poops in the tub. Both Grampas have birthdays (I believe they were the same age so they should have been 46 here) and Mom says she's going to write a book. Apparently not the one you are currently a listener of either. We end it by talking about another concert, Steve Miller this time, and Mom helps a friend move... twice.

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September 23, 1977 - October 4, 1977

Mat and I got to play a lot but daily life in the 70's was boring when you were unemployed and didn't have hobbies. Mom took advantage of that though by growing houseplants and rearranging her living room. Around this time she also went on a major job hunting trek and applied for work all over the Tri Cities.

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September 11, 1977 - September 21, 1977

Another episode that covers about 10 days. I think we're really getting into a grove here! We start this one eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, not KFC, this was before that. We also get accepted to move into the projects. Then Mom obsesses a little more about her dream van. She admits Mat's the mean one then I admit why he was always mean. Big brother was a bit sneakier (and meaner) than she knew. On a slightly prophetic and really sad note, Mom talks about quitting smoking and wonders what will happen to her if she doesn't. A little bit later she even talks about how she wants to die, quickly and quietly. She got part of her wish, it was quiet. She says she'll never regret it if she never gets to see New York City, I think later in her life she was glad she got to go, she mentioned to us that she always had fun there. Mom's Grandpa Heffley passed away around this time too. He was in Reno waiting for his son, my Grampa Bob, so he could attend the wedding between Grampa Bob and Charlotte. And then I prove to be the genius in the group by putting my shoes on the correct feet at three years old. I guess it didn't take much to impress Mom!

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September 1, 1977 - September 10, 1977

In this episode Mom starts of slow but tells us about having a lot of car trouble on a road trip. She also shares her new budget that will get her the van she'd been dreaming about, but she's added a few things to the list, like new tires for the van and a waterbed. By the end of the episode she's added even more, a Harley and a boat. She also tells us that she plans on writing in the journal a lot more than the 241 pages she'd gotten up to at that point but worries about letting other people read it because of all the illegal information she'd written about so Mat and I make you all swear not to tell. Towards the end of this episode she speculates about the future and wonders about the years 1994 and 2000. Also, Gramma Joyce and Harvey get married and Mom hangs out with someone she thought was "uncool". Enjoy!

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