The Kendra's Journal Podcast

Decembe 20, 1977 - January 14, 1978

We celebrate Christmas, New Year and Mat's 2nd Birthday in this one but not much is said about any of them. Mom talks about plans for getting a waterbed and we were on the move again, heading back to Pendleton after the New Year. Mom also talks about getting into Trancendental Meditation as a way to keep calm. She even thought about learning how to teach it to others.

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Special Episode

This is a special episode! Robin (one of Mom's oldest friends) and her husband John were kind enough to sit down with us and talk about Mom. Robin talks about how they met waitressing together in Pendleton and we all reminisce about John coming into the picture. Robin's son Chris even drops in part way through and relates some of his memories of Mom. We could have gone on for hours on this one, and we may go back visit them again when we get further into the podcast, but for now, enjoy!

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November 16 - December 6, 1977

Mom started this one with an announcement from Aunt Shannon. A new cousin was on the way! Mom hoped for a girl but it ended up being a boy, our cousin Keith (obviously several months later, we'll get to it). Then Mom prepared for Phillip's third birthday party. She also mentioned her worries about what smoking will eventually do to her. Phillip's third birthday happened on a Tuesday and that Thursday was Thanksgiving it was celebrated in Hermiston where we "feasted on everything under the sun". Gramma Cornwell was always a great cook. Mat's trouble with bronchitis started around this time and there was talk of moving back to Pendleton.

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November 5, 1977 - November 14, 1977

Mom pays some bills, helps more friends move and goes to a Tupperware party. In all it's just another week or so of life in the 70s. A little pot, a little coke, kids with crappy pants and another awesome concert, The Steve Miller Band this time. Mat and I also talk a little about what they paid back then compared to what we pay now and about how even though Mom talks a lot about the stress of not having money they still have a $500 stereo system. Priorities folks, gotta have 'em!

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