The Kendra's Journal Podcast

April 15, 1978 - April 28, 1978

Mom was recovering from a cold around this time and was looking forward to a visit from an old friend. She started dreaming about getting a van again. She also wrote about another job she'd applied for and didn't get and pined for something other than another "shit job" as she put it. She made some improvements to her new waterbed and planned more she'd like to do to it. Plus she applied for work at a couple more places around Pendleton and dreamt of what she would do with the money from a better paying job.

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March 17, 1978 - April 12, 1978

Unfortunately Mom didn't get the job at the phone company, she didn't pass the test because math was never a strong subject for her. She visits with family visiting from out of town. They help friends move into a house they bought and Mom finally gets that waterbed she's been dreaming about! She takes a trip to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood with a couple friends and is surprised with a clean house when she returns. She also applies for a job through a jobs program.

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March 4, 1978 - March 16, 1978

When we left off Grampa Bob had just been in a very bad accident. He was still in the hospital but was getting better. Mom goes for a drive and we talk about how impossible it is to really enjoy going for a drive with such high gas prices. Mom also got her perm and was also getting ready for her test with the phone company.

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February 25, 1978 - March 4, 1978

Mom spent a lot of time hanging out with friends. Our white-trash heritage is confirmed with Fried Bologna Sandwiches and Mom talked a lot about getting a waterbed. We find out that Captain is a really old show, a friend spent a lot on a new stereo, Mom planned on getting a perm and found out she got a chance to interview with the phone company. This episode ends with some bad news.

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