The Kendra's Journal Podcast

July 18, 1978 - July 27, 1978

Mom spent a little bit of time with our new cousin Keith but not too much. She also made plans and went to the dentist. Mom went to bankruptcy court but kept the stereo financing, priorities first! Uncle Phil made a nice new purchase and Grampa Bob got ready for a vacation. Mom also spent a lot of time dreaming about the fabled van too.

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July 9, 1978 - July 17, 1978
Mom kept working at her new job as a CNA at the State Hospital. She also celebrated her 20th birthday and got a great gift from her sister! Mom laid out her goals again and dreamt of making more money, then hoped it wouldn't make us snobs. Us boys also got to see our first circus and Mom mentioned maybe wanting to have another baby.
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June 30, 1978 - July 8, 1978

In this episode Mom got her first paycheck from the State Hospital. Then we went to the drive-in and saw "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Fun with Dick and Jane". Mom made more plans for the future by setting up a savings account with a plan to divert part of her paycheck into it for curtains and the van she'd been dreaming about. She also made plans for keeping the house clean and some new things she'd like to decorate with. She also tried to quit smoking again with a filter system she got from her brother Phil. She also found out when their court date was for their bankruptcy and we try to figure out how many times Mom said, "I Love You" in the Journal.

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May 22, 1978 - June 29, 1978

We talk about how "nice" sunburns are. Mom and dad celebrated their Fourth Anniversary by going out to a steak house courtesy of Mom's parents and sister. Then Mom worked at the hotel, but not for too long! She ended up getting a job at the State Hospital in Pendleton and passed her CNA test with a 95%! Not too bad for someone who was afraid of taking tests. There was a very scary incident with Phillip, a pen and his eye but in the end everything worked out. We spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Cornwell and dad had a very slim chance of an opportunity to get a job with the Steel Workers Union.

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April 30, 1978 - May 21, 1978

Three new jobs and a new car! Of course Mom had to quit the first job she got to work the second one but she thought of it as an upward move so it was all good. They also got rid of whatever pickup they were driving for a 1971 VW Superbeetle. Better gas mileage means more money in your pocket so that was a good move too. Things were really beginning to look up for all of us.

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