The Kendra's Journal Podcast

September 12, 1978 - October 25, 1978

Mom made plans on who would take us if something were to happen to her and dad. The van was mentioned again (drink!) and bills started to pile up again. Mom got tickets to the Styx/Thin Lizzy concert in Pullman and a relative planned on making a HUGE change in his life.

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September 2, 1978 - September 11, 1978

Mom started this one by being sick. She talked about some other career choices she was interested in and interestingly enough those are two subjects that both of us boys are interested in. Mom dreamt a lot about what she'd do with the money from a good job. She got worried that it made her sound greedy though and got really depressed about it.

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August 16, 1978 - August 31, 1978

We got a cat and named him Bilbo. Mom missed more work from being sick.Mom dreamt of her van some more too. She also went to the dentist and we went to a circus where one of rode an elephant and the other chickened out. Oh, and Pendleton finally got a McDonald's and KMart!

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July 30, 1978 - August 15, 1978

Mom spent some time partying in Tri-Cities and then got sick and missed some work. She had an arguement with her brother but worked it out and then took us to the fair and carnival where we had a blast. Finally, Dad got a new job working with a surveyor in Kennewick.

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