The Kendra's Journal Podcast

April 2, 1979 - April 8, 1979

A new job and a move! Things were starting to look up in the spring and we were starting another upswing. With a little help from family we were able to make it through another rough patch in our lives and on our way to a brighter future.

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March 22, 1979 - March 31, 1979

Money was being as spent as fast as it could be earned. Mom was happy about the weather getting warmer. She was also dreaming about what she'd do with bigger paychecks again but with no real hope of actually getting there, just the idea of it was enough to keep her hopes up. Mom got to go horseback riding too, after years of not being able to go and ended up with a sore butt. And we were pawning things again to get by but we end this episode on a hopeful note.

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March 7, 1979 - March 20, 1979

So money was really tight again and we had to rely on food stamps to get fed. Mom was a bit cranky because she didn't really have the money to buy cigarettes either. They did get a chance to cut loose a little bit and helped a friend celebrate a birthday. Mom was also being teased by warming weather and looking forward to the heat of summer.

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February 18, 1979 - March 5, 1979

Mom talked to a friend from California and tried to plan going to her wedding. We went snowmobiling and looked at buying a Double Wide! We had problems with the registration of the car. Time at work was being cut down at a very inconvenient time. Mom also gave some thought to moving to Canada. Mom also started looking for work again.

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January 23, 1979 - February 16, 1979

Van! Drink! Maybe we got one, maybe not. You'll have to listen to find out. Mom was missing the warmth of summer, but was also missing snow skiing, quite a contradiction. She was looking for new cars too, seeing what was out there. she spent a lot of time babysitting her nephews but also spent most of the money on just getting by. The money was there it was just already spent.

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