The Kendra's Journal Podcast

May 6, 1979 - May 25, 1979

We start with getting rid of our dog Leo and end with an anniversary, their 5th wedding anniversary. Mom starts and ends a different job, this time at the drive-in theater in Hermiston. She was also making big plans for the upcoming year. So money was good for the time being. Mom also wrote a couple of poems, one for our grandparents and one for our dad.

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April 17, 1979 - May 5, 1979

Mom visits with an old friend and we move out of the grandparents house. There's even an cool twist about the place we moved into. Mom also got a job with her cousin. Mom debates giving up her pets (aka her babies) but lets the dog go to a big farm. Us boys went on a camping trip with our grandparents and Mom helps some friends celebrate thier anniversary. Plus lots more so make sure to listen!

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April 9, 1979 - April 16, 1979

The weather was starting to warm up and we moved to Hermiston. We finally got our tax refund and a steady paycheck coming in again. We were living with the grandparents too so getting caught up on bills and saving for our own place was easier. Plus Mom had a "dream" of a place she'd like to rent so in all things were looking up!

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