The Kendra's Journal Podcast

August 6, 1979 - September 2, 1979

We went to a company picnic and won prizes and some pocket change. We also got to eat a lot of ice cream and drink root beer. We also got to go to the fair and ride some rides and see the animals in the fair competitions. Mom took a trip to the coast and danced at a club she thought was really cool. Then she sold the car so some bills could get paid before it was too late. In the biggest news of the time, Mom finally got her hysterectomy and spent a few days in the hospital afterward. Then recovered at home for a week or two after that.

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July 17, 1979 - August 4, 1979

Mom starts talking about her book again. We still wonder why she didn't realize she had already written one in the journal. Food was starting to get scarce again but in the end we still had enough to get by. Mom went bar hopping with a friend but it didn't turn out quite the way she expected. She also finally got the okay from her doctor to have a hysterectomy, at 21. Her medical problems were pretty bad for him to do that.

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June 19, 1979 - July 15, 1979

Money from family helped us get by until the next paycheck. Then there was a layoff, so things got fairly tight for a while. We went to the drive in with friends. Us boys really pushed Mom's buttons dumping out all bandaids, cereal and chocolate syrup. :-) Sorry Mom. She also took a trip to her cousin's wedding in Vancouver B.C. but it was just a quick trip up and back. Mom also turned 21 but she didn't make a big deal about it because keeping a house together was more important than celebrating her birthday.

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June 6, 1979 - June 18, 1979

50 Episodes! We made it through the first year! In this episode Mom got an invite to her cousin's wedding in Canada. Because of her history up there she didn't even consider taking us with her. She used to get hurt a lot there from some pretty nasty accidents. Mom was also starting to feel "trapped" in the apartment since she wasn't working. She also started writing a book, we wonder why she didn't realize she'd already written one with what she'd written in the Journal by this time. She also spent a lot of time with friends and family, even a camping trip to the jeep races in Starkey.

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May 27, 1979 - June 4, 1979

Mom talked about what she'd like to do for a living, but only briefly. Then she mentions how expensive gas was getting during the gas shortage in 1979. 90.9 cents a gallon was A LOT for gas back then. Things were easing up in the area of money because she didn't say much about being strapped for cash or low on food.

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