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Money was short as always and we moved into a new apartment! The move was kind of forced for not paying rent but it ended up being a step up in the long run. Also, Mom finally got a niece instead of another nephew from her sister. She also spent a lot of time with family and friends and had a job interview with the city police as a clerk of some kind.

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Mom had a few job interviews! As always she was spending the money before she actually had it but at least this time she was thinking about spending it on bills and necessities instead of vans and vacations. She also started jogging and mentioned it a couple of times but not much else about it. Oh, and there was a Superbowl!

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59 New Year New Decade

Mom brought in the new year and decade right! Things got back to normal really quick though and the struggle continued. Mat turned four and got a couple of decent presents and A LOT of snow. That snow made Mom dream of skiing too. Things got tough enough that we borrowed money from a neighbor just to get by for a few days. Oh, and the Steelers won the AFC Championship game to go to Superbowl XIV!

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It was Christmas time and as always money wasn't something that stayed around very long. But we had a good Christmas, got to spend time with family and overall had a pleasant experience. No one was working though so the prospects for the new year (and decade) weren't too promising but there was a sense of hope. Friends and family were having babies and we all continued to have fun.

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