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Mom got a Ford Fairlane for cheap and we moved to Echo! It was an old trailer but cozy. Mom got us set up with a babysitter too and Mat tells a story about how he accidentally hurt her. Mom spent a lot of time going out when she could but was learning that some of it wasn’t so much fun anymore.

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Things were going well with Mom's new job in Echo but money was still really tight. Her entries were getting shorter, more sporadic and would cut off without goodbyes but she admits to being distracted and tired. And then something big happens...

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Mom was really getting into her new job, she especially liked making money. It was spring time in Hermiston which meant a lot of wind and rain. She also spent a lot of time riding her bike around town getting exercise and enjoying the nicer days when the were available.

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We were settling into the new place and Mom wanted to meet our new neighbors. She was also still planning on moving us to Eugene for school. Phillip was the Ring Bearer for Mom's aunt but had to miss the Wizard of Oz the night of the dress rehersal because of it. Oh, and Mom got a job!

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