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Mom finally went to the health club in Hermiston with a friend. Then she kept plugging away at her job cleaning up the retirement home. But in a good twist of fate Mom got a better job as a sales girl at Burnham's Department Store in Hermiston. At the time that was one of two stores that anyone who was somebody shopped at. The biggest news to come out of this time frame was Mom and "R" going to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and getting married a lot earlier than planned.

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Mom was still sick for a bit but ended up powering through it and going back to work. In the end it worked out for her and she got paid, plus her taxes came back! She was excited about that and even splurged on herself a bit but used most of it to pay bills. Maybe "R" was rubbing off on her. Some friends of hers moved back to the area so she was also excited to spend time with them. We also went bowling and Mom did pretty good. What Mom seemed to be most excited about though was taking her sister out for birthday, which she did and apparently had a blast.

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Mom was working hard to help keep money coming in. She complained about it but she stuck it out! She was also planning her wedding and reception. Us boys went back to our school in time for us to take treats to the Valentine's Day party. She also got taken out to a nice brunch and got flowers from "R". In regards to the Journal she started writing her 800th page and starts talking about it in a more long-term basis and even (prophetically) tells us where it will be when she passes. Remember, this was over 30 years before she died.

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We enjoyed Christmas 1980 and started 1981 with the mumps. Mom started looking for work because she felt bad that "R" was supporting us. Mat had his 5th birthday and a party at Happy Joe's Pizza in Hermiston. We also spent time hanging out with friends while Mom and "R" got "loose", as she put it. And "R" asked Mom an important question. Hmm, wonder what that could have been? We also spent time with family and Mom got to see The Outlaws and .38 Special live in Portland. We got a dog too, her name was Sissy.

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We're Baaaaack! So after six weeks things have finally cleared up enough that we can get back to recording and producing this podcast. It's really exciting for us because it means a return to doing something we love. We want to say "Thank You!" to all of you who have stood by patiently waiting. We really do appreciate all of you for sticking by us. In this episode Mom got a new camera. A Kodak Colorburst, it was kind of like a Polaroid and spit out pictures from the front.Things weren't perfect between Mom and R either, she alludes to him mistreating us boys and it was bothering her. Other than that everything seemed okay, Mom spent time cleaning and partying with friends. Normal stuff that 22 year old girls do. Enjoy!

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