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Mom wanted to get a new job, she was thinking of applying at the Post Office. We went hunting but missed getting our cow tag filled and us boys got to explore in the woods. Mom finally got her renters refund and celebrated nine months of marriage with "R". There was some talk about taking over a gas station. To end the month of October us boys got to go trick or treating on Halloween as Superman and The Green Lantern. Fun times!

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This week we let Mathew do the intro! Mom talked about trying to get a job at the coal fire plant and she showed off her new furniture to her friends. We got our trailer remodeled with some loan money and Mom bought us school clothes. This was because Phillip started first grade and Mat started Kindergarten. We also got a new puppy, for a little while anyway, and Mom had some fun with cigarette loads.

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Mom didn't start this month doing very well but she kept her chin up. She celebrated knowing "R" for a year, had a birthday and got to visit an old friend. She also planned the redecoration of our house, spent some time on the boat and took us boys to the ear doctor. Finally she dressed up for the "Crazy Days Sale" at work with one of her coworkers as the "Big Butt Sisters".

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