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Mom kept working hard to build a better life for our family. She was trying to talk "R" into taking a job in Venezuela for three years. It was good pay, especially for 1982, and would have gotten us out of Hermiston, a place Mom was beginning to really dislike. She spent a lot of time with one of her friends, helping her take care of her three kids and chauffering her places because she enjoyed it. Talking about her friend made her think of the future and how neat it would be to have "Visual Telephones" to talk to each other. "R" had some issues with his employer not laying him off the right way, so he couldn't get onto the union hire list. Both of us boys were doing well in school. There was also a chance that "R" might get a job at the Army Depot next to Hermiston as a Fireman. Years later Phillip worked there in Security guarding chemical weapons. There was also a chance of getting a gas station to run, possibly on the Oregon Coast.

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Phillip made up rules to his new Superman II game and we watched a Rudolph special on TV. Mom wasn't feeling good about life and "R" was being a jerk about money so Mom decided to try and get us back on a budget. Mom and "R" were still adjusting to married life, it had its ups and downs but they planned on working things out as they went. Mom worked late, a lot. We had a trip from hell getting our Christmas tree but we got to open our presents a day early. Mom thought we had the measles but it ended up being rubella. Mat had his 6th birthday and Grandma Joyce had her 47th.

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Mom's schedule was really busy around this time. She was helping in Phillip's class once a week, working her job, dealing with household stuff, keeping miscellaneous appointments and a few other things. All of it was making her feel a bit overwhelmed and sick. Mat was doing great in kindergarten with an "all smiley face" report card. Mom mentions seeing the movie about Joan Crawford, "Mommy Dearest". Phillip has his 7th birthday and gets a boardgame based on Superman II. Mom mentions looking for a new job because she didn't feel like Burnham's was giving her enough hours. And, Mom talks about getting pissed at another woman and the way she was speaking to her kids.

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