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Mom was practicing her calligraphy again. She was working a lot too, even asking her boss about promotion potential. She mentions a bar that her parents used to get chicken from when she was a kid, Phillip reminds his son Mathew about how he used to do the same thing for him and his sister. Mom mentions "R" looking at new motorcycles, even though he was still laid-off. Everyone got to go roller skating a couple times too.

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Going to the dentist is fun! Well, it was in 1982 when you had no cavities. We spent the night with some friends and got to watch movies on a "video tape machine". We also took a road trip to Bellingham, Washington for an opportunity Mom's aunt was offering. It could have involved a move, but in the end the decisions was made not to go. But we had fun, we got home made slingshots and ran around like kids do in the woods. This brought up memories of a few years later when we visited again and ended up working in a strawberry field picking strawberries for almost no money. It was around this time that Mom started writing in Book 16. We also remenisce a bit about Hermiston.

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