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"R" was working a really good job, and Mom was getting tired of the irregular schedule of her job. Us boys were giving Mom a hard time without a father figure in the house and she was NOT happy about it. Mom voted on election day with hopes the economy would change. Phillip went to the emergency room with a rash all over his body for what Mom suspected was "using too much soap." Other than that it was life as usual for 1982!

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Mom got pissed about a coworker who she felt kept falsely calling in sick. She also took us boys school clothes shopping (1st and 2nd Grade, Yay!) and got us haircuts. We also got our new puppy JoJo. Mom also hit a huge milestone in the Journal, 1000 pages. There was talk of Mom and "R" taking over the operation of the Blue Chimney gas station, if Mom's in-laws decided to purchase it. Phillip and Mat also go way off topic explaining Mat's legal name and the trouble it caused in school. Mom also shared a vacation we took to Portland, Enchanted Forest, the Oregon Coast and the Sea Lion Caves.

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