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Mom went shopping with a friend in Tri-Cities and us boys had wrestling matches! "R" was back to work and doing fairly well at it. Mom wasn't working yet so she began to get domesticated and was baking a lot. Which was the source of a comment that struck us as funny during the reading. Mom also got a waterbed with her tax refund, us boys remember that bed VERY well. Phillip finally has is ear surgery for tubes and recounts an unpleasant experience afterwards. Phillip also remembers an incident from school when DARE or some program like it began.

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Mom went on a six hour shopping trip with some friends. She also suffered from what she called "A headache from Hell". Mom was looking forward (hoping) to possibly moving out of the country for various jobs "R" had applied to. "R" also had a procedure done and was hoping he wouldn't need surgery. Phillip went to the doctor and it was recommended he get tubes. They set the surgery for St. Patrick's Day. Mom was saving money for a possible move and she was going to take any job she could get. "R" got hired to work at the McNary Dam as a temporary (sort of) employee. Us boys were still wrestling, Mom said Phillip was the thinker and Mat was the mover. We also went to see "Timerider" and we got really good reports from parent-teacher conferences. We spent a fun day going to the park, Dariy Queen and the city library. Also, Mom mailed one of her poems to a Portland magazine in hopes they would print it.

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