The Kendra's Journal Podcast

It's Episode 100!!! Mom and "R" celebrated their 2nd Anniversary, which was fairly uneventful. Mom was wanting to go back to work. We watched Escape from New York and it was a quiet Easter. Mom and "R" bought a new motorcycle and Mom was excited because that meant they were riding that to the Oregon Jam in the summer. We talk about Mat and an accidental shoplifting incident he had at a local store. Mom and "R" hit a rough patch with his family and wanted to move onto their own piece of land. Mat had to quit wrestling because he got sick and didn't qualify for state. Mom and "R" had a HUGE fight and we all went to the school carnival. Both of us boys were recommended to see the school's psychologist who also happened to be Phillip's teacher the previous year. Mom talks about hitting 1100 pages in the journal and writing in it for nine years.

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