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A friend of Mom's moved to a new house so she could be closer to her boyfriend. She also reaches 1100 handwritten pages in the Journal in 9 years 7 months of writing. Mom was counting down the number of school days left before summer break and was on the hunt for a job that would keep her home most of the day to keep babysitting costs down. She got into the mood to write something other than the Journal but never got around to it. But she was planning on sending something into a magazine that was looking for undiscovered talent. Mom got fed up with a long distance friend that never wrote so she mailed her a self-addressed stamped envelope, on piece of paper with "Dear Kendra" written at the top and a pencil hoping she'd take the hint. Mom mentions going on a bike ride and wanting to go to the grand opening of a local bar. Mom took a risk and called on a job with a bit of false info, hoping to get her name on the minds of the people who hire.

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