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Mom was getting ready and hoping for good weather for her trip to Eugene and Oregon Jam '83. They kept making their departure time earlier and earlier, guess they were excited, huh? Mom wanted to spend some time in Portland shopping. We know they went on the trip, but she didn't write about it or her 25th birthday. We had a friend spend the night because his sister was having a slumber party. Mom started a new job driving potato truck but was really unhappy with it after only a couple of weeks. She also mentions that a letter she wrote to Easy Rider Magazine was printed so we found a copy. Also, us boys get in BIG TIME TROUBLE.

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103 What a Feeling

Mom decided it was time to make a budget for the year and has a meeting with the "un"employment office. Us boys went camping with the dogs... in the front yard. Mom also plans a trip to the Oregon Jam with "R" and a second trip for all of us but in the mean time us boys stayed with our grandma. Mom took a trip to Portland with her sister to see their dad and Mom ended up working by serving beer at the sand drags. We got to see Superman III, then we get sidetracked talking about it. Mom and "R" had a huge fight and mentions in her explanation that she spent six days in jail another time for punching a girl, we'd never heard that before. Mom finally landed a job, driving potato truck for $4.25 an hour.

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Mom watched her cousin's kids for a few days while he and his wife were out of town on a trip. She was also trying to win $1000 on a radio contest. We got new neighbors, luckily they were nice. Mom and "R" were looking for property again so they could get off of his family's land. Our summer break started and Mom was still looking for work. Mom also took a writing test and did great on it. This led to her wanting to pursue writing so she worked out a budget with "R" so she could take a writing class and he can get a new rifle. Mom also talks about getting ready to go to Oregon Jam '83 in later in July.

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