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Mom and "R" watched Octopussy in the theater. Mom was working a lot of hours and learning how to drive a forklift. She made a friend at work and got pissed after getting stuck in a potato field. Us boys each got early birthday money so we could get school clothes, we were starting 2nd and 3rd grades. Mom broke a tooth and hurt her foot, she felt like she was falling apart at the age of 25. There were plans for Mom and "R" to attend a friend's party but they didn't want to stay too long because his parties always got busted by the cops. She mentions her favorite song at that time, "Maniac" from the movie Flashdance. She also planned on starting aerobics classes again and wanted to take a creative writing class. We all spent a long weekend cleaning out the barn next to our house. Mom also got a surprise when she applied for us boys to get reduced lunches and found out we qualified for free lunches. This was the beginning of something that never ended while we were in school. "R" took us boys to see Krull at the theater and Mom got glasses.

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