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Okay, confession time, we thought we had enough content typed up for a whole episode, but we didn't so if it sounds like we're dragging it out a bit, WE ARE. Mom was sick but still went to work. She was continuing to impress her new bosses but was worried about an upcoming layoff. The boys got to go roller skating for a Halloween party and Mom helped out a lady she knew that needed some groceries and made a point of saying it was important for her to give to others in need when she had a little extra, something the boys have never forgotten. Finally, Mom wrote about a car she was dreaming about.

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Well, we were wrong, the journal didn't turn nine years old until THIS episode, oops. Mom was working her new job like a champ but it was really wearing her out. Mom's budget was still a concern but things were getting a bit better, enough that she was considering buying an new TV. Phillip points out that this time frame was only 10 years before he joined the Marines which he and Mat consider as crazy considering how much happened between those two points (hang in there everyone, you'll hear all about it!) And you'll never guess which new pets the boys added to there lives!

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Two weeks in a row. We're on a roll! In this week's episode, Mom was waiting on money (like always) and she took Phillip to see the ear doctor in Walla Walla again. We also took a short road trip so Mom could visit an old friend and the Journal turned 9 years old. Even though this was a short time span a lot more happend so listen to the whole thing, at least listen long enough to find out if Mom got the job she applied for!

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