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Well, there's more fuzziness from the heater in the background, sorry about that. Mom went to T-Shirts Plus and bought lettering for a hoodie she had. Phillip got his first cub scout badge and turned 9 years old. One of Mom's supervisors complimented her on her work saying he wanted to keep her around and that she'd get promoted when/if something came up. This gave her a boost in self confidence and she learned that she liked working hard and wanted to grow with the company. That and a lot more in the episode!

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We're back again! Sorry about some of the fuzzy background noise, the heater kept turning on and our mics picked it up. This episode Mom went to a "crystal party." I guess it was like a Tupperware Party for crystal dishes. Mom's work schedule changed to something a little nicer, she wrote a lot about work since that was mostly what she spent her time doing. She really liked working there and was making friends.

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