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Ep 116 If I'd Been the One

We finally moved into our new apartment. Mom was busy putting things together, except for her waterbed because it wouldn't fit up the stairs. She made arrangements to trade for one that will but had to spend some time in the couch. "R" helped mom move, but she was pretty sure his family would have him hating her soon enough. Since we had moved everyone wanted the divorce filed as soon as possible. Mom was already thinking about dating and wanted to go out on New Year's Eve but she didn't know who with. We also got a car, it was a Dodge Dart and had to spend some time in the shop before it could be driven reliably. Mom was also talking about getting a kitten.

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Word gets out that Mom was leaving “R”. She comments on what people might think, but really didn’t care at that point. Then she started stressing about money and faced up to the fact that we’d probably have to go on welfare. On an up note she found a townhouse apartment near our school. She also had plans to buy a friend’s old Dodge Dart so we could get around. In 2016, Mat found one of Mom’s old pay stubs from U & I so we spend some time talking about that. Also, in 1983, Mom mentioned finally ordering the stereo she promised us just in time for Christmas. Mom and “R” started splitting things up and took out a consolidation loan to pay off their debt. She used some of that money to buy Christmas stuff and things for our new apartment. She also wrote about how she was imagining her life after the move. She was young and wanted to date but she didn’t want to be in any kind of serious relationship.

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WE HAVE STICKERS! The first 40 people to request a sticker on Facebook will receive one! In this episode Mom joined the Safety Committee at her work and planned on being VERY involved with her employer because she planned on being there a while. She discovered Van Morrison and his album Moondance. This was one of her favorites for the rest of her life. Mom and “R” were still in a rough patch and she wondered if he realized she was serious about leaving. That prompted her to start looking for more money so we could make our exit. “R” then read the Journal (yes, this one) and got a shock about how serious she was. Mom started planning our future without “R” or any other live-in man and decided she wanted to look into buying an FHA house. “R” tried to make nice but Mom was already half gone.

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113 Owner of a Lonely Heart

This episode starts with Mom questioning everything in her life, except for us boys of course. Enough said… You’ll have to listen to see how this one played out.

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112 Heart and Soul

“R” was hurt on the job. We also had a BIG Thanksgiving dinner and our Grandpa was in town for the holiday. He had dinner with us and visited family. A friend of Mom sent her pictures of her babies, Mom thought they were cute but was happy that we were older. Mom made a big decision to quit smoking and substitute her habit with Lifesavers candy. She was still trying to lose weight and was hoping that quitting wouldn’t interfere with that. Mom also commented on the growing distance between her and “R” because of her work schedule and his constant anger.

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