The Kendra's Journal Podcast
Ep 119 Nobody Told Me

Mom had been on the job 3 months and was looking forward to her evaluation and raise. One of Mom’s favorite poems was accepted to be published in an anthology. She had bid on better jobs, she wanted a better schedule so she could see us more. Mom had a date with a guy she didn’t really know, so she was nervous. Her emotions were getting the best of her. She turned down a chance to see her “mystery man” because she didn’t want to get too attached. She was unsure about falling in love again. She also learned that the “mystery man” was in love with another woman across the state and Mom started to feel like the third in line behind his partner and the lady across the state. Mom made Mat’s birthday cake… Two weeks late. Better late than never! She also says she’s going to go see ZZ Top in concert later in the year. Having become good friends with her supervisor, Mom is shocked to hear some interesting news.

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118 That's All!

Mat turned 8 but Mom had to work. But he understood it was for a good reason. Mom was working long hours and was commended on some work she did with some machinery. She felt good at work and was going to start bidding on other jobs. Mom got her car back and it was officially running! The divorce was finally filed and Mom admitted that she was involved with another man, but she wouldn’t go into detail because of who could be hurt by it. She said it was nothing serious but it was still confusing. Mom comes to terms with her and “R’s” divorce. She also talks about becoming a foster parent.

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Ep 117 Always On My Mind

Our new place was set up and Mom was in a rush to get her divorce finalized. Mom was worried that us boys would be the ones most hurt because it seemed “R” was ready to move on with his life. New Years Eve started with emotions and an idea that she thought would change our lives. New Years Day started with a hangover. Mom was struggling with her emotions but knew she was making the right choice. She wanted to raise us “her way” without interference from a partner who disagreed. She mentioned missing the dogs that were left with “R” but was planning on trying to find a way to get them back when the time was right. Money started getting tight again, which made Mom stress and Mat had an uneventful 8th birthday.

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