The Kendra's Journal Podcast
Ep. 121 Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Mom was still working on getting transferred to a better shift. She also reworked her taxes so the taxes owed wouldn’t be so much. Mom was bummed because her boss was quitting and she wasn’t very pleased with who her new boss was going to be. She spent Valentine’s Day alone and lonely. She also was able to trade shifts with a coworker so we could spend more time together. The transition was rough but Mom was happy she was getting to see us more.

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Ep. 120 Got Me Under Pressure

Mom was feeling the stress of money and her work schedule. She was also missing us boys because of our different schedules. She got good news and received a $0.55 per hour raise. Mat got $25 for his birthday to spend at K-Mart and Mom was able to pull the money together to go see ZZ Top in concert but the trip had a rough start. Mom was making progress on some of the new jobs she was bidding on. Mom was debating her relationship with the Mystery Man. She also did her taxes to discover she owed over $500.

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