The Kendra's Journal Podcast
Ep 125 Sister Christian

Mom was getting even more stressed about money and was feeling run down from the lack of sleep. She was thinking of moving us closer to her work to relieve some of her stress. There was an opportunity for her to go to California to watch the Drag Race Nationals. She said there was a chance she’d get written up at work but she was willing to take the write-up to go. Things were also back “on” with the mystery man but still went on a date with a new guy. Mom was also making plans to clear all of her debt then use her money to invest and become financially independent. She went to a party and had a blast in the pool. She also quit smoking and wanted to do a juice fast. We all spent time riding our bikes around town. Finally, we know we spent a lot of time going off topic on this one and for that we apologize but it’s kind of a “sorry, not sorry” deal because we really like adding our own parts to this whole project. Enjoy!

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Ep 124 Footloose

Mom and “R” finally got notice that their divorce would be final soon then her doctor said she was depressed and prescribed her medication to help. She was hoping the medicine would help her mood improve. She was also still wanting to move away from Hermiston, she was thinking the coast would be nice. Mom then passed her operator test at work and went back to graveyard shift. Things also seemed to be going from “on again” to “off again” with her mystery man. Money was also becoming more of a stress but while trying to earn more money serving beer at the sand drags she met a new guy that she really liked, it got weird though. And finally our grandpa came to visit and show off his “talking” car.

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123 Against All Odds

Mom got transferred to Dry Storage at work as a Printer Helper Trainee and LOVED it. She was also getting a lot of praise at work after being on dayshift. But money was getting tight again and causing a lot of stress and Mom was feeling lonely again because things were cooling down with the “Mystery Man” again. Our grandpa came for a visit and he took us boys up to his cabin. We got a kitten too!

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122 Got a Hold on Me

Mom wanted to see Terms of Endearment, she was also dealing with rumors at work about her and her boss. People were saying they noticed they rode to work together and talked all the time. Her new work schedule was wearing her down and she mentioned that she was building a ‘sleep debt’. Us boys got to spend the night with our grandma and we got to go bowling with “R”. Mom’s new boss was taking notice of her work and her “Mystery Man” was paying more attention to her after she thought things were cooling down. “R” was visiting us at our new place, Mom mentioned that he always seemed sad. Mom decides to set her deductions at “Married and 15” so no taxes would be taken out then she has another change at work that could lead to more opportunities and money.

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