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127 Two Sides of Love

Mom was having regrets about leaving “R” but was hoping to move out of Hermiston and closer to her latest crush. Us boys were off having fun with our Grandpa in Portland and Mom was worrying about the future. She started talking about moving to Portland so she could go to school then found out we would be moving again into Low Income Housing which was going to help with the budget A LOT.

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126 Rock Me Tonight

Mom sent us to stay with our aunt then our grandparents for one to two months for the summer. She was working weekends at the sand drags again and was hoping to see her new friend. She wasn’t writing much but did mention that she was really missing us. She didn’t mention anything about the Fourth of July or her birthday ten days later. She did get asked to go on a blind date with a guy from work, it was her first blind date ever. She went to the Midway in Hermiston and won her category in an arm wrestling competition. We find out that things were still happening with the Mystery Man and Mom decided she wanted to make a big change and do something like move to Portland so she could go back to school. Enjoy!

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