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141 Alive & Kicking

Stress and excitement continued to grow as Mom and Mac anticipated his release. Also, Mom spent time getting our apartment ready for an inspection by the state in preparation for Mac’s parole hearing that could. Mac then had that hearing but it was kind of a letdown and Mom had a run-in with his ex-wife but we got another trailer visit. Phillip had to go to the doctor for a mystery illness and a local bus driver who was friends with Mom brought us a Christmas tree. We also got our car out of the shop and it worked… kinda!

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140 Talk To Me

Phillip had his 11th birthday! Mac was recommended for a minimum security facility but with his possible release date being so soon the prison wasn’t sure it was worth moving him. Mom spent a lot of time filling out paperwork for his parole and stress was high between them because of the anticipation. Mom just wanted a quiet life where she and Mac could run their woodworking business without issue. He and Mom sold some of his wooden earrings, they were very happy with their first real business deal. Plus, Mom contacted an attorney about suing the State over Mac's sentencing mess-up. Our new car was in the shop getting lots of repairs. Phillip got a paper route and Mat helped with it for a cut of the profits. It was a little rough at first but Mom made sure we did our job right. Enjoy!

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139 Lovin’ Every Minute of It

Mom officially withdrew from college to concentrate on legal work for Mac. She was feeling pressure from the prison during visitations and wanted to do something to make things better for all the wives. She also got the ball rolling on Mac’s release.

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