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Mom got a negative report about Mat from his school… Shocker! The stress of dealing with the parole stuff was starting to wear on Mom and Mac. But they did find out he got the job in Oregon so then they had to submit a new plan to the board and we started planning our move there. Mom also learned that her whole family had found out she was married to Mac, even though she didn’t tell them. Mom and Mac had a good visit but she found out he’d gotten four infractions during the previous week, which wasn’t good since he was trying to get paroled. They got news that the plan for Oregon was looking good. This gave them hope for a release date in April so Mom started planning the move, most importantly how to get the money to do it!

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Mom was in Olympia dealing with the parole board but wasn’t getting the results she wanted so she came home when she discovered one member had voted no. While she was gone, Mat had trouble at the babysitter’s. With the rejection on the first parole plan, Mom and Mac started working on a new plan that would move us to Oregon so Mom started to research what was needed to parole to Oregon and the parole board made a recommendation for a “structured” home and treatment program. Mom also wrote a letter to her aunt “hinting” at moving up to their area in hopes that she’d offer Mom and Mac the same job she’d offered Mom and “R”. Mom test drove a van even though she knew we couldn’t get it with our money problems and a last minute call for a bumped up trailer visit sent Mom scrambling to get everything ready for a sudden visit.

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Mom was still working hard trying to get Mac released and was daydreaming about life after his release. Mom kept hearing the chances of release are good but wondered because the Parole Office kept adding requirements, so she wasn’t sure. We all slept through New Year's Eve but made it to 1986 okay. Plus, Mat had his 10th Birthday! Mom was also struggling with how her family felt about her being with Mac. She got the heater in the car to work but still had issues with the fan. She was also planning another trip to Olympia to see if she could get things moving. Phillip found out his paycheck for his paper route was going to be delayed. We finish Chapter 18 and Mom wrote about how the Journal has saved her sanity after reading an article in the local paper. You can read it on our Facebook page. Enjoy!

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