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Mac got his evaluation, everything depended on it. If it went well, things would change a lot. If it didn’t, it could have meant 12 more years for Mac. It was early November, cold and getting colder, and our furnace didn’t work, BRRR! Mom got a call from Mac while he was in a really bad mood. He was still traveling across the state and back again for his evaluation. Both Mom and Mac were going nuts waiting for the evaluation results. Things were making Mac so frustrated that Mom commented that things might be over between them, but Mac made it clear that regardless, he still expected Mom to help him get released. Mom eventually got to speak with the counselor that did the evaluation but didn’t get any solid answers because the counselor was still waiting on some information. Since Mac was headed back to Walla Walla, Mom was concerned about the trouble he might be in for the extra trailer visit they thought they got away with before he did his cross-state treks. Enjoy!

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Mom went to a palm reader and was impressed. We are a little more skeptical and kind of go off on a lengthy tangent… sorry about that! Mom noted that it had been two years since she’d met Mac and commented on all that had happened in that time. Mac traveled back and forth across Washington State and was NOT happy! Mom was hoping they could get him transferred to minimum security in Spokane so he wouldn’t have to make the trip across the state, again, to get him to Walla Walla, but that didn’t happen. Phillip shares his 1986 Halloween costume story.

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