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Mom was waiting for a parole officer to inspect our apartment and it was making the idea of Mac being released feel like it could have been real. Mom went for another trailer visit and had an unexpected guest that caused a problem. We still had money struggles, especially because of all the road trips between Spokane and Walla Walla. Mom “might” have broken the law to get us a new phone hooked up. She also wrote about winning a contest on the radio. We had spring break fast approaching so Mom considered sending us to spend it with our grandfather so she could go to Walla Walla and get some legal work done. Mom finally heard the release date was coming, but when the big news arrived there was a potential snag. Enjoy!

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Mom and Mac cleared the air and their relationship was back on track. Mac got back to Walla Walla and got a warm welcome from his friends. Phillip’s 12th birthday happened and Mom got the report from Spokane that she’s been waiting on and found out the counselor accepted Mac. We got a “new-to-us” car, a Mazda RX-2 Mom named “Roxy.” Mom rented an apartment in Spokane so we moved, again. A Supreme Court case decision was made around this time that had a possible impact on Mac’s release and Mom was hoping to find out what Mac’s release date might be at his next parole hearing. Enjoy!

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