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Mom took another break from writing in the Journal. This time for 2 years 9 months! During that time Phillip joined the Army National Guard, graduated high school, then joined the US Marine Corps and went to Somalia. Us boys talk about a trip we took to Seattle and Canada. Mat also graduated high school and discovered credit! Mom was still going to school at the University of Oregon in Eugene and applying to law schools all over the country. Her and “B” were still together but she was questioning what would happen if she got into one that wasn’t in Oregon. Mom found out she lost out on some free money for school, damn! Finally, Mom got some pictures done for her graduation and was hoping her last term before graduation would go fast! Enjoy!

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After a 2 year, 4 month break, Mom starts writing again. She was still in school in Bend and working at a convenience store, then she took some time off to drive bus for Mt. Bachelor. Also, Phillip has moved back to Bend during the gap. Mom was planning her move to Eugene to finish up her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!) and Phillip explains how he joined the military while a Junior in high school. Mom and “B” were still together, but it didn’t sound like the dream relationship it once was. “B” was putting a lot of pressure on her to help keep his business running AND keep the housework up, regardless of her school, life and other personal pressures. She finally got herself a computer and had a desire to type it all up then keep all future entries that way. There was also still fallout with Mac. Around this time there were bill collectors trying to get Mom to pay one of Mac’s delinquent bills for something he’d done AFTER we’d moved away. This was the end of Book 22 and there is another gap of about 2 and a half years so we talk a little about where things are going now and fill in some of what was happening during that time. Enjoy!

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Mom had settled into her new life so her writing became more inconsistent. Mat talks about his first Nintendo NES. “B” was in Alaska while Mom was stuck at home but she had finished her first year of school and was looking forward to working full time so she’d have some money in her pocket. Brit and Kali (B’s daughters) and Mom talks about a road trip they took to Portland and the coast. Then, Mom started her second year of college and took a break from the Journal. Us boys spend some time filling in the gap with our memories of the time. Enjoy!

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Mom was dealing with Phillip’s decision to leave. She took Mat to the coast for her employer’s “End of Season” dinner. She also started college and was dreaming of what she’d do on becoming an attorney. Her and “B” were still going strong with Mom commenting on how in love she was, but her divorce from Mac hit a snag. Enjoy!

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