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Mom was wrapping up her time in the CLEO program and still hoping to hear from a law school. She got 1st in her mock supreme court trial and got accepted to a law school in Connecticut! So, she started planning her move from Oregon to the East Coast. Then, Mom, “B” and his daughter Kali went to see Mat’s first play. More information about Mac… On to better things, Phillip turned 22 and got lucky on a slot machine! Then Mom got packed up, moved and was counting down the days until she started law school! Enjoy!

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Mom Graduated!!! She was also accepted to the CLEO Program. Her and “B” weren’t getting along and she took a three-day train ride from Oregon to Pennsylvania; she had a luggage issue. Mom turned 38! She then found out there was a possibility of law school in Oregon, but she decided to also apply in Pennsylvania. She said the CLEO Program was good, but lots of work! Enjoy!

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Mom got her cap and gown for graduation. Her grades were good and she was ready to finish up! She was anxiously awaiting word on her Law School applications and was also a finalist for the CLEO program, a law school prep program. She was worried about what it would mean if she didn’t get accepted by a law school. New on a scholarship came in that left her with some mixed emotions and started prepping for retaking the LSAT, just in case none of the law schools she applied for accepted her. And, with graduation around the corner, Mom started getting things ready to move back to Bend, but with relationship troubles between her and “B”, she thought she might need to find a new place to stay. Enjoy!

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