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Sorry for the long intro, we got sidetracked before we could get started! Mom started prioritizing her working load for school and was working on getting more (much needed) financial aid. She was obsessing over little Mathew (because who wasn’t at the time) and was working hard on her self-confidence. There’s a lot more than this too. Enjoy!

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Mom got back to CT after spending the holidays with family… specifically baby Mathew! On the flight home, Mom caused a panic and the airline lost her bags. Classes were starting and Mom hadn’t gotten her grades from the last semester. So heading into the next semester she was focusing on improving her writing and test-taking skills. She was starting to worry about what would happen if her grades weren’t good enough. After being in Bend, Mom reflected on her and “B”. Also, Mom has an “Ah Ha!” moment. Enjoy!

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Mom heard that a guy she had been interested was probably not into her, but when they spoke things got confusing. She was talking a lot about being alone and wanting to meet someone who could handle her being in law school. Mom also wondered about what would happen if she ran across “B” when she went home for vacation. Then, she spent a lot of time prepping for exams and aside from the occasional panic attack she was feeling pretty good. There was a severe lack of sleep and illness making those exams rough so she ended up going to the ER. Finally, Mom got some pictures of little Mathew and Phill told her he was going to try and go to medical school.

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An incident at a celebration left Mom feeling embarrassed and concerned. Finals were getting close and while studying, she got an unexpected call. Phillip and family returned to Oregon after his enlistment in the Marines while Mom gushed over pictures and videos of little Mathew. She was counting down the days until she could see and hold him. She started taking steps to be more responsible with her money. There were also a lot of calls/hangups and Mom suspected it was a guy she met that wouldn’t leave her alone but she was interested in another guy… a younger guy. Enjoy!

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