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School, school, school! Everything in Mom’s life at the time was school. But she did see a light at the end of the tunnel and was looking forward to being back on the west coast for the summer. She was also still hoping to transfer to an Oregon Law school for the next school year. Mat got a part in a play at the community college and Mom had plans to see it while she was home. Mom was worried about an exam she took. She was confident that she knew the material, but once she was in a test situation, she would forget how to express what she knew. She was able to get a job lined up in Boise with Legal Aid for the summer. Mom also had a UTI and worried it was going to ruin an event she planned to attend. She was able to party a bit and got a good night of sleep out of it. She also babysat one of her professor’s dog. Mom was feeling the pressure to do well on her exams and worried how she’ll pay her student loans if she wasn’t making an attorney salary. Then, Mom literally bled to get her hands on a class outline.

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