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EXAMS! With her exam weeks started, Mom spent most of her time studying but did take an occasional break to hang out and get a drink with friends. She became more concerned with her GPA when she got some news about how it might impact her summer job. Mom was also becoming more competitive with Law School and how it effected her grades. The practice exams gave Mom some sense of preparedness. She had also been thinking about “B” a little, with a little less emotion this time around. Enjoy!

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Mom had more horoscope wisdom to share and a lot more studying! She also began looking at classes for her next year but had to be strategic with her budget. IRAC it! Mom spoke with a friend from Bend and got an update on “B”. She was really impatient for summer break but still had to get through the exams week. Also, someone was interested in her but Mom wasn’t having any of it.

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More studying! Mom was prepping for her exams… STRESS!  She wrote about being the mystery student and her horoscopes gave her a lot to think about. She also bought some magic skin cream and partied one last time before exams then woke up wishing she hadn’t. Enjoy!

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