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Mom was calculating what she thought her GPA would be based on the grades she was thinking/hoping she’d get. Her finals were finished but she was worried she didn’t do well enough to transfer back to Oregon. Since exams were done, Mom got herself ready to move to Boise for the summer! After she made it there she reported to work at Legal Aid, but there was a problem. Also, her grades came in… Enjoy!

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Sorry for the long intro… We recorded on the seventh anniversary of Mom’s passing so we spent some time talking about the day. In the Journal, Mom finished her Con Law test and then went drinking. She thought it went well while she was in it but began to wonder after she finished. Mom was also anxious to get all of this over with so she could get home see little Mathew! Since the Legal Aid job in Boise said they couldn’t pay until her grades came through, Mom started to look for paying work in Boise to get her by until then. “AFTPERT” - Always Flush Toilet. Please, Everyone, Remember This. Mom put in her transfer to try and move back to Oregon. She spent a lot of time STUDYING. Lots and lots of STUDYING. One more exam for Contracts and she was nervous. But even before finishing her final exam, she was wanting to know all her grades. It was going to be weeks away so she decided to get ready for her sister to arrive and help her move back west for the summer. Enjoy!

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