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Mom got her student loan money and paid off a bunch of bills. She had plans for savings and wanted to buy us boys computers. She was feeling lonely too. Wishing she would meet a man that she could be happy with. She decided to just start doing things she likes and that maybe she’d meet someone with similar interests. She figured that was better than finding a guy in a bar. Then she did a “stupid thing” and drunk dialed “B”. Mom started a new hobby and had a doctors appointment with a plan to start taking a prescription medication to help her quit smoking.

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This episode is us talking about why we were away for long. We don’t read anything from the journal, so if you’re not interested in us getting caught up fell free to skip this episode.

Wait!…..How do we do this again???

We had some minor technical difficulties. This episode was intended to be released last week but we thought we lost the recording. Since we were able to find the file, we figured we’d release it this week. With that being said, we did lose episode 194 and had to re-record it, so next week when 194 is released it might seem a little out of place. Point being, hang in there! We’re trying to remember how we do this whole podcast thing!

Thank you all for waiting for us! Enjoy the new episodes!

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Recorded 9-3-18

Big Mat had his 23rd birthday! Mom was living in Boise, ID and working at the courthouse while taking night classes for the Paralegal program. Classes were going well, Mom got an A on an exam. She was hoping that doing well in school would lead to a job that pays her enough to pay off the law school loans. She was in a “sort of” relationship but she and the guy had different ideas of what that relationship was. It ends up coming to a “sort of” end and she gained some insight into her feelings of a past relationship. She also decided she wanted to move to Portland after finishing the Paralegal program.

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