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Getting ghosted, dental work, and Mat stalking actors at the Oscars. There was an internal debate on where to settle down, Boise or Oregon? And an extra day off is always a good thing. Enjoy!

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Mat was LA-bound after picking up the 4-Runner. Mom made a decision about the direction her life was going. Dating was... dating someone left her hanging. She was also hoping for a hot summer and tinted porch windows. We finally made it to 200! Enjoy!

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Exes, the early days of online dating, and slightly questionable choices in the name of background checks. Big Mat was getting ready for a trip to California to look at schools. Maybe Mom's dream of winning Publisher's Clearinghouse or the Powerball will happen and we're living off the dividends now ;-). It's been fun getting back into this process. Enjoy!

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We're back into the Journal on this one! We hope you enjoyed our bonus episode before this to catch up on everything. We're releasing this episode as well to share more of the Journal. In this one Mom spends quite a bit of time managing her love life. This was in the early days of internet dating so it's an interesting look into that part of the time as well as how Mom managed things. Enjoy!

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So we're finally back and have begun recording again! This is a "no-content" episode to catch everyone up on where we've been and what's been occurring lately. We're also releasing Episode 198 along with this one to start getting more of the Journal done too. Enjoy!

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