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Mom had some GI issues, we go into some detail on that. Boredom with her job had her looking for new departments to work in. Boredom with her life had her going out and continuing to date. There were two major things she was looking forward to, Cameo's birth and Sammy Hagar's concert. Priorities people! She had 'em! ;-) Enjoy!

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Mom was certainly an early adopter of online dating. She was apparently trying to become an expert at sitting in the dentist's chair too. Phillip flashes back to a story he probably told in an earlier episode. Did Cameo show up yet? Some of you already know, don't you? Enjoy!

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Dating sucks, especially when there's a bit more drama than you like. More time in the dentist's chair sucks too. At least she could see again. Mom waits for a new family member to arrive. Enjoy!

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Mom dealt with some pain from dental work, got her bicycle going, and gave a guy another chance. She had a bit of activity on the dating front then tried to burn down her cousin's house. Phillip talks about the similarities between Mom’s life then and his life now. Enjoy!

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