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A bit of current events then back to 1999! A birthday boy has his day and a trip to the hospital. Phillip gets ready to move into a new place and Mom takes a trip to see it. A scare at work and a week off of school to look for other work. Plus, a big decision is made.

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Getting cozy in the condo and more family buying property. Contemplation on life and an evaluation at work. Did she cross a line? Biker Boy is back and she calls another boy. Top all that off with sick days and potential financial irresponsibility!

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Condo! Cabo! Wedding bells? Just kidding! There is a wedding in this one though...

Biker boy is out again and another flame is in again. Concern over her schoolwork is causing stress. Enjoy!

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Closing on her condo is coming up!!! The new school was going well. She was hoping for a trip to Cabo in her near future. She couldn't seem to stay away from the dentist either. Another birthday too. Mat made his big move:

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Mom was really getting into her role as a grandmother (Meemaw). She started school again and was really close to buying a condo. Mat was getting ready to move to LA, there's a hell of a story. He also talked about buying his first house in PDX. Oh, and dating. She really had a thing for guys with Harley's.

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