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There was a bit more fallout about the Journal. We stop and go over that a bit. Mom met a man that was filling her free time and she had an unexpected guest. Money was still tight but she had some coming in and a ski trip was planned. Mat talks about getting AOL disconnected at the time. Then, Mom took a break from the Journal for a bit and explains what happened.

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In this dramatic episode, we recount how we managed to overcome and ultimately succeed after the Y2K tragedy. Mat has a birthday and a law school friend has a baby. Phill gets the Journal and Mom gets a reaction. A surprising update about "B". Nail exams? Nailed 'em. Now she's thinking about location. Enjoy!

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Sorry for the long intro, again. We go off-topic a bit too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mom was feeling the holiday blues being short on cash and a house payment coming due. She ends up taking on a side gig to make ends meet. Big gifts for Christmas and Mom unexpectedly finds an old letter that helps her feel some closure about things.

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It was time for a change! And a dentist! There was a possible romance in Seattle and mom's cousin fell in love (she still is!). A birthday and Thanksgiving were on the calendar too.

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