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Hey! That baking page is finally live on Check it out if you like cookies and WordPress. Well, Mom’s bankruptcy was filed and she was giving up the 4-Runner and the condo. She starts researching her patent idea and then gets more motivated about it. She also looks into Mary Kay. Is there a pink Caddy in her future? And whatever you celebrate, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND NEW YEAR! Because regardless of what other holidays we celebrate, we’re ALL gonna celebrate the end of 2020!!

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Another grand-baby birthday to celebrate! The bankruptcy looks to be a go, maybe Oprah can help? Mat was in Eugene and Phill’s divorce had him contemplating Portland. Mom was still planning on moving to Oregon, maybe getting all three back in the same area? A really cool vest was given to Mom too. Then the next “big” thing to start in our lives, The Patent. Let’s see how it goes. Enjoy!

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Hey, let's start with a Mat telling a long story (it's worth it ;-) ). Then Phill recaps his relationship and how being a bit of a hacker related to that. Mom relates to his situation. She talks about a bike trip she took to Montana. Her and a friend also plan a trip to Canada. She also decides to move back to Oregon, she's behind on her house payment and may be in trouble. And to end it, let's hear another story from Mat about his roommates at the time (this one's worth it too).

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We talk about adding a baking page to, it's not up yet, but it will be soon. Speaking of good desserts, check out the Dream Torte recipe on our Facebook page. In the Journal, Mom and Phill are okay again but money stress and loneliness are getting her to a breaking point. Great time for a quick trip to Mexico! Oh, and an old friend pops up. Does anyone remember the Rainbow vacuum?

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