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Everyone was traveling! Mat went to Mom's. Mom went to the coast (and Moe's), then to Reno for a quick trip, and finally to the ER, boo. There's an update on the job search and her living situation might change. Phill's living situation did change, putting the final nail in the coffin his first marriage was in. Mom was planning to go see him. There were continuing budget issues too, but she kept her spirits up dreaming of a Harley. Oh, and technical difficulties with the end of this one. Enjoy!

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Well, no more nail salon. Grandma comes to Boise for a visit. Mom and cats make the big move. The job hunt was still ongoing and Mom was worried. A nice Christmas came and went, as well as a New Year’s Eve party. She was still dreaming about getting a Harley but was also doing pretty well in the practical stuff too. She nailed a test for a state job that led to a letter to set up an interview. Mat got a part in a movie (sort of) and had his 25th birthday. Phill tells Mom his wife is moving out and she starts to worry about the babies.

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Having a cold sucks. Having one while moving in the snow sucks more. But the packing must continue! A little bit of politics about the Bush v Gore election, odd how that correlates to the latest news, eh? 4-Runner go boom. At least it was going in the bankruptcy anyway. Phill has his 26th birthday so Mom took a trip for that and to see the grand-babies on Thanksgiving. Oh, and there was an error that Phill made in an earlier episode that he corrects here. Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday Mat! 45, but only because you have no choice. We all know you’re an eternal 12 year old ;-)


There was lots of packing as plans fell into place for Mom’s move, with the cats. The impact of another “restart” is apparent but she had friends to help and job interviews to take. Plus, cell phones were the newest rage, might as well get one, right? Check out for the Hot Toddy recipe he knows. Enjoy!

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A lot of things were getting ready to change. Mom was packing and had someone interested in the condo. She was also trying to live in an RV because of her cats. Cat mom life strikes. She was just counting the days until her move at this point. The patent idea was starting to take root and Mom was dreaming of the money. She was even selling Phill on the idea of being a rich bum. Enjoy!

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