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Mom has court issues, a grandbaby’s birthday, and Phill has some news after a business trip. He then goes on a trip to the hospital. Mom was looking at potential man trouble and finds that internet dating is full of weirdos and married men. She even questions if a man would even fit into her life at that point. But bike rides with friends, little road trips, and fun events (including seeing the Air Force Thunderbirds) kept her busy.

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She was still dreaming of winning it big. Aren't we all? She made plans with a friend to visit the Oregon Country Fair over her birthday. There was a setback on her bankruptcy and money was tight but she was working on a budget. Phill was considering a job with the Border Patrol. She has a doctor visit then has to go back. The love life took a turn for the better when Mom meets a new guy. The family gets together to see Mat's latest play and Phill heads to Alaska for a business trip. Enjoy!

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There's a new infatuation and is planning on looking for a new man to add to her life. Mat and Rachel visit and Phill and Mom scare each other. She also passes on the 8mm family films she had. Car troubles have her walking again. At least she's close to work now.

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Mom has an unexpected meeting with a very old friend, like “pre-kids” old. She gets to see her grand-babies and hopes big Mat can show up too. He has a bike she wanted to take home. She gets done with that trip and is worn out from the wild grand-babies. Money was still tight but she continued to get settled into her new place. She still had the boyfriend blues but got to go for a weekend bike ride and a birthday party! Enjoy

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