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Pain pills lead to fights which leads to sleeping in cars. This gets Mom thinking of a move to Phoenix. With the pain from surgery and the stress from her relationship she feels the need to make some big changes in her life. She just needs money to do it. Make up, fight, more sleeping in cars, then back again. Phill has a possible deployment to Iraq so Mom takes a quick trip to Hermiston to see him. Getting back, Mom and Vegas have one more big fight.

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She’s feeling like she’s in a war with this relationship. But her settlement money is getting closer and so are her dreams of getting a bike. Allergies and body aches have her down and she pays for having an active day. She hopes her upcoming surgery helps with that. The youngest grandkid turns five and Mom gets a job. Then some old friends come to town. The surgery happens, but did it help?

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Mom and Vegas reunite, but problems continue. She’s stressed about money troubles and she’s hoping the patent will solve them. In the meantime, she’s got Mat. The subject of getting onto Medicare pops up as an idea to help with the medical expenses. She feels old as she gets closer to her birthday and she’s feeling a lot of emotional abuse. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying a fun weekend out of town on the bike.

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More money and relationship issues in this one. Mom's BF Vegas goes east for a bit while Mom packs up her stuff. Don't ever make her the butt of a joke. EVER! Vegas wants to get back together but Mom was still pissed. She was just waiting for that patent to bring in her riches.

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She got the apprenticeship!!! Then finds out she needs shoulder surgery, which ends up being derailed by a chicken. A bike trip to Arizona leads to a life-threatening incident and there’s more legal stuff to deal with. Mom also opens up about some of the reasons her life has been so challenging in Vegas. Mom and her guy (we’re calling him “Vegas”, sorry for any confusion) have it out again. We also took a break mid-way through recording this one and it shows.

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