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Mom’s making moves to get a deposit on an RV and there’s a lot of anticipation for her settlement money. The patent application is published plus Mom turns 46. Oddly enough that’s the same age Phillip is now. Thunderstorms and rain come around along with Mat and Rachel who take a vacation to Las Vegas. Mom gets kicked out of her place so she ends up staying in their hotel room. Rachel introduces Mom to Hot Topic.

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WARNING: Extra Explicit Episode! Mom’s doctor asked if she did something to cause her shoulder pain. She didn’t mention what was going on with Vegas. She starts taking measures to protect herself, or at least leave a mark if she can’t. Another day and another fight leads to Mom considering her options again. Stress about money seems to be a daily thing. She’s also considering going to church. An old friend pops up and Mom wonders if there’s a hidden motive. She’s also hurt because she was left out of some fun and a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert could lead to jail time.

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With logs of post-surgery pain maybe Mom was pushing too hard. She’s processing her recent split with Vegas and suspects she’s being watched. She gets some disappointing news with regard to her settlement. Even more bad news has her spinning out of control and she contemplates life and death. With a lack of options, Mom moves back in with Vegas, but only “platonically”. It doesn’t take long for the fighting to start up again. She plans to go to a shelter but ends up staying. More fighting leads to more abuse. She considers getting a bike, truck, and trailer then just living on the road with her settlement money.

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Sorry about the intro, there was some kind of technical glitch. Mom sees a year since the accident but is still in pain and still waiting on the money. She’s not with Vegas but still in contact with him so there’s fallout to deal with. She reflects a lot on her relationship. Ever been stranded on the side of the highway in Nevada after running out of gas? Mom moves back in with Vegas and back out again, but changing her phone number this time. This tension leads to involving others to get her things from the house.

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