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Mom questions what Vegas plans to do on his trip. She also starts planning her own road trip. She also writes out her Last Will and Testament for us and to protect anything the patent might someday bring in. Mom feels relaxed with Vegas gone and has a Girls’ Night while he’s away. There are some money issues but with a bit of hustle, it isn’t as much of a problem.

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RIP Rick James. Mom gets to go deep-sea fishing! They caught some fish, cooked them, then… She gets another shot in the shoulder to help with pain and finally gets a full night’s sleep. Vegas is playing mind games and fighting with Mom, she thinks she might be ready for a nervous breakdown. Also, Vegas hits the road for his long trip with his friends.

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Vegas is not scoring any points with Mom, but marriage? She notes how the passion is gone and questions his fidelity. She voices some concern about the patent and reflects on close to 30 years of writing the Journal. And as always “money, money, money” the never-ending problem.

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House work leads to arm pain and meds. Mom was worried about being locked out of the house again and the never-ending money problems. She’s looking for BIG money from patent and dreams about what she’d do with that kind of money. Boredom sets in and she hopes of getting her settlement will allow her to have some fun. A surprisingly busy day leaves Mom questioning where her life is.

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